9Dorf: Fabulous farmed fish from the Lockyer Valley

Barbequed barramundi is the go for a slow summer evening with family and friends. Stuff it with ginger and herbs and a lick of butter if you go for a whole fish, or a spicy macadamia crust if you want fillets that will wow the fussiest palate. There is a seemingly endless array of recipes on the internet – find one that smells good!! and go for it or try this one recommended by the grower.


The Neuendorf family have farmed in the Lockyer Valley since 1918 transitioning from dairy to fodder for cattle, horticulture, and now also farming chickens and fish. They are committed to production that is sustainable, ethical and ‘beyond organic’. What could be better for your festive feast than buying from a local ethical producer?


The benefits of growing fish in an intensive recirculation system compare very favourably with the traditional open pond facilities that need large pond areas and intensive labour. 9Dorf believe their leading edge technology in the aquaculture industry and careful monitoring of production means they reduce energy usage by a third compared to open pond systems. They can avoid the impacts of environmental conditions such as heat, cold, evaporation, birds and diseases. The dangers of spray drift from neighbouring farms is also avoided.  


This farming approach has grown out of extensive enquiry, research and investigation into how to ensure a food production enterprise that is financially sustainable, ethical and environmentally viable. 9Dorf maximises food production by providing their customers direct access, thereby using less resources, less land, and less water. 

9Dorf’s commitment provides you with the opportunity to feast on ethically produced ‘grown with love’ barramundi, jade perch and Murray cod, eggs, chicken and beef. They supply a range of Brisbane outlets, some local markets and it is also possible to take a farm tour and buy direct.

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