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Agri-Phoenix Feature: Joey Khan

Name: Joey Khan
Age: 26
Place: Yeppoon


I have the sweetest job with Tropical Pines: quality testing pineapples before they are packed to ensure our high standards and best quality are maintained. Sweet and ready to eat: that’s how we like to supply them. In dispatch I make sure our products are correctly labelled and sent on their way to destinations right across the country.


On weekends I have a paradise to explore. Here in Central Qld there are so many fabulous places to go camping and 4 wheel driving: so much incredible country to discover. You can camp and swim in creeks like Headlow, or head out to the amazing beaches like Farnborough and the strange beauty of Five Rocks. After finishing work, I can have my camp set up and be kicking back in one of these incredible spots within a couple of hours. 


I consider it my responsibility to make sure we try not to damage these gorgeous environments - we like to leave them as we find them so our rubbish and anyone else that we find, comes home with us and we don’t stray off the tracks. 


Working so closely connected to agriculture I have learned first-hand how important it is that we take care of the environment. Maintaining a connection to the land we ensure we live our lives in balance with nature and keep the landscape protected for future generations to love and enjoy like we do. 

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