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Agri-Phoenix Feature: Max Musumeci

Name: Max Musumeci
Age: 44
Place: Burdekin, Jardine I am a third generation farmer and I have been on the farm for 26 years. Because I never wanted to be doing just one thing I was attracted to farming – it gave me the diversity and challenges I craved.  I’d always managed the farm for my family, but it wasn’t until 2007 that my wife and I leased the farm as the first step to becoming our own entity. In 2013 we took the big step of purchasing it outright. I still enjoy the challenges that the day to day running of a farm can bring. No day is like the day before, nor will it be the same as tomorrow. Farming is about adaptation and innovation. And here in the Burdekin I reckon we are really adept at adaptation. My special place is our local retreat, Cape Upstart. ‘The Cape’, pretty much a local secret, is accessible only by boat. I’ve gone there with my family since I was 4 years old. Over the years I’ve volunteered at the Molongle Boat club, following in the footsteps of generations of my family, and many other farmers in our community who love this place as much as I do. Our farm is home to some stunning bird life.  Of particular importance to us are a couple of resident wedgetail eagles that have been visiting our farm for years. As a farmer, I have a vested interest in the environment around me. If the land suffers, then so do my crops. I see environment and agriculture as a symbiotic relationship. We constantly evolve and adapt our farming practises to maintain the environment and our industry.  Technological advances such as electromagnetic mapping and yield mapping give us the ability to apply gypsum and fertiliser at variable rates. This means the correct amount of nutrients and minerals can  be supplied at the right time, efficiently and effectively.  We are very proud to be farmers and proud to say that we are adapting with the times. Our love of the land, ocean and environment is uncompromised. We will continue to protect it.

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