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Our future; your hands, your backyard?

Agri-Phoenix Feature: Sarah Heath

Name: Sarah Heath
Age: 35
Place: Burpengary, Queensland


The backyard of my ¾ acre family home on an urban residential block doubles as my farm, located in one of Queensland’s fastest growing areas; Moreton Bay. I grow culinary herbs and edible flowers both hydroponically & organically on approximately 900 m², and pride myself on these being completely pesticide and insecticide free. 


This comprises my special place, my backyard, Basilea farm, and what it has become. The person it has made me as a farmer, makes it a place I’m very proud of. 


This is however not where it began for me, and I didn’t grow up in a rural setting either, but in a suburban sprawl of bustling Melbourne. It was in fact a school program when I was 14 years old, that led me to discover the importance of the diverse microcosms of the natural world. It was then that a family upheaval sent me nearly 2000km north to a hydroponic herb farm. An epic tree change that little did I know, would shape my life forever. 


It was then I also learnt that placing high value on the environment is paramount, as this is life’s foundation. I learnt this way back then, and it has stuck! Using renewable and reusable resources to provide a no waste product to customers is a no brainer. This informed the intuitive way we grow at Basilea Farm (hydroponically & organically), providing maximum production in a small space, while caring for the environmental impacts.


Over the last 2O years I've been extremely fortunate to have been able to learn and discover so much about growing herbs and working with nature. And by surrounding myself with a beautiful environment and amazing edible plants that give us health through nutrition and healing, I have found my life passion; being a proud member of the agriculture industry, growing a diverse array of culinary herbs, plants and seedlings for home growers and Chefs.


Beyond this, it is important to me to share the passion of sustainably growing and using herbs with others; via farm open days, talks on the local radio and various presentations & workshops. By being an active member in community groups, you are able to link up with like minded individuals with similar passions to learn from, and at the end of the day it’s about the individual, the farmer. 


Agriculture can work hand-in-hand to protect our natural landscapes, flora and fauna, but only if that farmer chooses to place value. For me, that’s the right choice, to ensure that not only production continues, but the diversity of life as we know it.

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