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Farmers For Your Festive Feed 

What's the initiative behind the campaign?


If your family is anything like the FutureAg Queensland family, the festive season is centred around friends, family and food. We are already salivating at the thought of what December - January holds in store: so many long lunches around long tables, picnics at the beach or in the bush... In line with the festive spirit, we wanted to use seasonal preparations combined with our passion for sustainability to share some exciting producers we have discovered in the last 12 months.


Farmers for your Festive Feed, launching National Ag Day - November 21st, puts the spotlight on more sustainable seasonal and local food options. Our campaign will include how-tos for selecting ripe produce, including local seasonal harvests and niche local producers, that we know will blow your socks off and bring a special ZING to your festive feast.


We are taking the time to celebrate & support the best food around and we think you should too! There is so much to choose from - think of this as a taster and please tell us about your favourites: the MORE the MERRIER.


If you’re a local producer or small retailer who is keen to extend your horizons and your customer base, it only costs your time. We’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at

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