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Lonely conservationists: I fell in love with a giant stick insect

A kerosene tin of cane-toads was one of the things my grandfather carried with him from Babinda in Queensland when he moved his young family to the Burdekin to start his own farm in 1920-something.

They had to clear flood plains to plant their first crops and for maybe ten years, there were koalas living in the uncleared paddock…. Read the rest of the story.

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Pamela Greet and Future Ag Queensland are all about creating collaboration between innovators in the ag sector, farmers, environmentalists, scientists, volunteer groups like land-carers and naturalists groups and those with the Money. Everyone has their part to play in building a sustainable future that supports regional communities, protects the natural landscape and associated natural capital, and ensures our unique and biodiverse heritage is respected and protected. This needs partnerships built on trust and shared goals, coordinated effort and excellent communication – what Future Ag Queensland designs and builds.

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