Reconnecting with food

A big part of the holiday season is connection. For most it’s with family and friends, but 2020 has also highlighted the need to reconnect with our food and producers. This connection with consumers, and transparency of the production process is a major focus for HighBrit Beef year-round. 


Skye and Glenn from HighBrit Beef come from four generations of pastoralists and a long line of butchers. With a family of their own; between fussy little eaters and food allergies, they understand all too well the importance of knowing where your food comes from, and what exactly is in it! So when it comes to the raising and breeding of their own cattle, they reckon you should just be able to ask. With their open book policy, or rather their open farm gate policy, Skye and Glenn welcome not only your questions but welcome you to come camp at the beautiful Neumgna farm location and see for yourself! 


This has provided an opportunity for Skye and Glenn to build relationships and support local producers alike; educating consumers on the benefits of buying local and including presentations from other local producers. Skye warns the only risk is that you might be the 5th family to go home and start a backyard chicken coop! 


Passionate about reconnecting people with their food - from the beginnings of production to how it ends up on the plate, HighBrit goes beyond producing top quality, sustainable beef. Not only are Skye and Glenn open about their processes, they provide customers with resources to purchase direct from the farmer, and even recipes to make the most out of their beef once it’s in your hands. 


So if you can’t get out to the farm, or you’d like to know more before ordering your first delivery with increased freshness and reduced food miles, do yourself a favour, sign up to their newsletter and enjoy the pleasure of getting to know your farmers.

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