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Supporting our local farmers this Christmas

There’s a special kind of magic to the festive season. No matter if you’re young or old, I find this time of the year has a way of evoking joy in us all. 


Whether it’s marked by Christmas parties, gift giving or the presence of a Christmas tree that lights up our homes and our hearts, the festive season is a time to celebrate.


Like all celebrations, food plays a big part. As we gather around tables with friends and family, near and far, food is at the heart of all our social gatherings.


Whether it’s the Christmas ham or turkey, prawns, Christmas pudding, trifle, cherries, mangoes, Christmas cake, rum balls or white Christmas, these foods evoke memories of time spent with loved ones. 


To me, these foods are what makes Christmas so special. Rum balls and plum pudding always remind me of my Grandma. Prawns remind me of my Dad’s 4am trip to the seafood market queuing with (what I’m sure feels like) half of Brisbane, to get the much loved fresh prawns for Christmas lunch. Or the trays of mangoes that disappear in an instant as everyone devours this summer fruit.


As I prepare for our Christmas feast this year, I’m giving thanks to the farmers who have worked tirelessly to grow and produce the incredible food we’ll eat together.


Buying fresh, local, seasonal produce that’s been grown sustainably, is something that I’ll be doing this year. 


I’m also going to take a moment to reflect on those things closest to my heart. Good friends, loving family, great food, and the amazing bounty we have available to us right here in Australia. 


If you’d like any support on how to best support local farmers and eat seasonally, you can head to my website, for more information. 

Kylie Newberry, Our Food System

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