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Call me a convert!

The extraordinary circumstances that have shaped 2020 have meant we have all had to adapt. Whether it’s the way we work, whether we work, how we socialise and even how we shop, everything has had to be questioned and tested. Australian food producers have also been subject to this adaptation. Some have seized this as an opportunity.  Enter - the REKO ring!

Never heard of a REKO ring? Neither had I till I heard the first whispers from the green thumb behind Blue Dog Farm at Dayboro, Jacki. With the original model hailing from Finland the concept has proliferated Internationally and locally. Already there are rings in Red Hill, Samford, Dayboro, Ipswich and more on the way across great South East Queensland.

An alternative to the farmer’s markets, a REKO ring works on pre-orders and payments made directly to local growers & producers. Using a closed Facebook group (but entry is simple) each ring offers an array of fresh produce on a picked-for-order / made to order basis and pick up at each ring’s regular time and place. Our locals provide access to a variety of local products including but not limited to fresh veggies, amazing salad greens, eggs, muesli, ready meals, cut flowers, chutneys, sweet treats and even mushroom jerky! 

The benefits over a farmers market are considerable. And yes you can go along to one and taste before you place your first order. Reducing waste and increasing environmental and social sustainability, consumers & producers alike can celebrate reduced food miles, seasonal availability, minimal packaging, convenience and a strong sense of community collaboration. Every participant in the ring is a primary producer - there is no secondary selling.

Our Brisbane region REKO rings have attracted some recent media interest. We add our voice to the congratulations and encouragement. Prices & quality are exceptional. These markets have been a boon for some small and niche producers facing loss of their outlets during Covid-19. We encourage you to try the REKO ring - or contact Jackie if you’re up to initiate one in your area. Support local, eat fabulous, over the festive season. You know you deserve it.

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