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Sowing Seeds Magazine, in partnership with Young Farmers Connect, are thrilled to launch this special issue on young farmers. Featuring stories from a new generation flocking to the agricultural sector with a passion for regeneration and a determination to bridge the gap between growers and the people who eat. 


We delve deeply into the worlds of young farmers from Amiskwaciwâskahikan, to Australia, Kenya, Norway, the United States and South Africa and explore suburban farming, short supply chains, social isolation, Indigenous agricultural sciences and queer folks returning to the land.


These farmers challenge us to reimagine our understanding of normal, to join the swelling chorus of voices calling for action by governments and agricultural sectors to combat climate change and to understand that if done correctly, animal farming can regenerate the land, not harm it. 


FutureAg Queensland's very own Pamela Greet is proud to have been able to connect Sowing Seeds with some of the impressive agriculture workers we've featured in the past. Enjoy an extended story about the inspiration of the Agri-Phoenix campaign run earlier this year and an insight into the farmers, researchers and providers powering the Australian agriculture supply chain. In the meantime, you can read their stories from the campaign below.


Please join us in celebration and support for bright and positive futures.  Help share our pre-order and distribution of these thought provoking narratives from new, young and aspirational farmers.


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