Communicating effectively is something that is very important to us. With more and more tools at our disposal we are becoming less good at it yet it is critical that we do this well, even if we end up agreeing to disagree.

  • Talk

    If you want to chat with us it is best to send a text to the mobile and let us know when and what you want to talk about. Then we can give you a call. Mobile +61 417 765 582.

  • Email

    If you have a proposal for Future Ag Qld to consider please email it to us at We will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. Send a text to the mobile above if you need a quicker response.

  • Ideas

    We post ideas, questions and opinions in the blog and Pamela’s linked-in. Follow us on Instagram where we telegraph what we are thinking or seeing in the moment.

  • Tune in via LinkedIn

    Please connect with Future Ag Qld via LinkedIin.

  • Tune in via Instagram

    Please connect with Future Ag Qld via Instagram.

  • Tune in via Facebook

    Please connect with Future Ag Qld via Facebook.

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