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Agri-Phoenix Feature: Amy Wicks

Name: Amy Wicks
Age: 30
Place: Murgon


My life has been spent either driving tractors, stacking hay, showing cattle at a local show, or somewhere in QLD, NSW or VIC with harvesters. I grew up on a Lucerne farm as well as my parents running brahman cattle and operating a team of headers.  Because of this, the last term of the majority of primary school was spent on the road and I was homeschooled. But this upbringing had some real benefits; it built an appreciation for hard work, it allowed me to grow resilience and perseverance, all whilst developing my passion for all things agriculture, and love of rural and regional people.


Upon completing High school, I had a few different jobs and studied over the next decade. Although my jobs would change and the people I met would always be different, I never strayed too far away from my true passions: livestock and people. So in 2018 with experience in Business and Management, it seemed a natural fit to start working alongside my husband in our own livestock and property agency. Since then we have enjoyed growing our agency, TopX Murgon and have enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working with both livestock and rural residents.


In 2020 I realised a lot of small regional businesses were struggling, and I wanted to help. So from this, Wicks and Co Business Solutions was born. If a regional community loses its small businesses it loses its heart and soul, I didn’t want to see that for my region. Wicks and Co Business Solutions works with small businesses to provide administration and management assistance that many of these business types simply don’t have the time for, but being on top of these elements are crucial to their success.


One aspect that I really love about being the local livestock agent is getting out and seeing how passionate, driven and resilient rural people are. Whilst our farmers are busy growing crops or raising livestock to feed our families, I am really passionate about helping them achieve these goals. 


So if you were to ask me about my ‘special place’, or thing that I really care about, I would say that it is rural people, our farmers and small business owners. And they are important to me because they are the lifeblood of regional communities. They are passionate about their properties, their soil and their livestock, they care very much about their role in the supply chain. As an agent it is up to people like us to look after the people who feed our families. Being an agent is more than just selling cattle, it is about building relationships with your clients and as a result I have the opportunity to celebrate the successes and work through the challenges, no matter what they are. That is what I love about my business and rural people.

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